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A reddish-pink grape that produces a flavorful blush wine.  These grapes originated in North Carolina and in the 1820's, Nicholas Longworth, a Cincinnati lawyer, planted Catawba grapes in the Eden Park area of the city.


A French-American hybrid, this grape has only been available since 1963 and has a good resistance to fungal disease.  The grape makes a deep red wine, with berry-like, spicy flavors.


According to Horace Greeley, the Concord grape is "the grape for the millions".  Developed in the 1850's in Concord, MA, the grape is commonly used in jellies and grape juice.  Concord wine is deep purple and semi-sweet - wonderful as a dessert wine.


A white wine grape, the Traminette, a hybrid of the Gewurtraminer grape, roduces a spicy and fruity wine.  Low acidity and a sweet fruit after taste makes this wine one of Rose Hill's favorite. 


An American variety, very resistant to cold, this white wine grape buds and ripens early in the season.  Crisp and dry, the wine has the flavor of citrus fruits.


Also known as Cynthiana, these "jewels of the vine" create a deep red dry wine.  The vines grow well on the ridge of Rose Hill Farm


The Triple Crown variety of blackberries is grown at Rose Hill Farm Vineyard, producing large juicy berries used to make our Blackberry wine.