Seyval Blanc  This semi-sweet white wine has a citrus-like flavor, crisp and
​full-bodied.  Serve chilled.

Traminette An offspring of Gewurtztraminer, this semi-sweet white wine is best chilled and paired with chicken, fish or Asian.

Catawba     The rose-pink Catawba grape gives this semi-sweet wine its blush appearance and fragrant citrus-like flavor.

Chambourcin     A smooth  dry red wine with fruity flavors - a KY favorite!
​Full bodied and deeply colored.

PC Red     Named for Pendleton County, PC Red is a sweeter red blended wine from Chambourcin and Concord grapes.

Blackberry Wine     Made with blackberries grown on Rose Hill Farm, this fruit wine with real blackberry taste is a popular choice as a dessert wine.

Rambling Rose     A blend of two native American grapes - Catawba and Concord -
​a customer favorite!

Blueberry Wine     Made with local KY-grown blueberries, our Blueberry wine is authentic and a good choice as a dessert wine.

Norton Wine    From Norton grapes grown at Rose Hill Farm harvested in late

September, this wine is a deep red, dry wine, perfect with dinner and chocolates.

​Sweet Lizzie    A white semi-sweet grape wine with a subtle hint of peaches.

Rose Red Chambourcin    A sweeter version of our Chambourcin wine, one

of our favorites! 

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